Boston Film Festival: Day Three

Hey all – the 27th annual Boston Film Festival is underway at Stuart Street Playhouse! Boston Popcorn and Indie Film Spotlight will be giving you a daily rundown of the featured films playing every day, so be sure to check back to find out all the great features!

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12:00–2:15PM Shorts Program 2
Title: Commerce
Director: Lisa Robertson
Title: Demon’s Dilemma
Director: Hanjin Park
Title: La Pièce (The Piece Coin)
Director: Marc Joly-Corcoran
Title: LonelyGirl48
Director: Stephanie Testa
Title: La Migala
Director: Jaime Dezcallar
Title: Ties
Director: Jake Topkis
Title: Love, Lots of It
Director: Rob Feld
Title: Your Way Home
Director: Pietro Nigro Famulari
Title: Au milieu de nulle part ailleurs (Nowhere Elsewhere)
Director: Annick Blanc


3:00PM “How to Start a Revolution” — World Premiere
Director: Ruaridh Arrow
Producer: Richard Shaw
Starring: Gene Sharp, Jamila Raqib, Robert Helvey
Synopsis: HOW TO START A REVOLUTION is the remarkable untold story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp, the world’s leading expert on non-violent revolution. This new film (from first time director Ruaridh Arrow) reveals how Gene’s work has given a new generation of revolutionary leaders the weapons needed to overthrow dictators. It shows how his 198 steps to non-violent regime change have inspired uprisings from Serbia to Ukraine and from Egypt to Syria and how his work has spread across the globe in an unstoppable wave of profound democratic change. How To Start A Revolution is the story of the power of people to change their world, the modern revolution and the man behind it all.
Run Time: 1:27


5:00PM “Catching Hell” — Northeast Premiere
Director: Alex Gibney, Academy Award® winner
Producer: ESPN
Synopsis: In CATCHING HELL, Alex Gibney examines sports scapegoats and our need to heap years of blame onto a single event. Chicago Cubs fanatic Steve Bartman reached for what he thought was a foul ball, as the Cubs were about to clinch their first World Series appearance in 58 years. Though a series of events caused the Cubs’ loss, Bartman’s interference made him the country’s most “famous sports fan.” Bill Buckner was arguably one of the Boston Red Sox best first-baseman, but will forever be remembered for the ground ball that slipped through his legs in the 1986 World Series. Buckner and his family’s lives were forever changed. Gibney begs the question not how can sports forgive these men, but how can Steve Bartman and Bill Buckner forgive us?
Run Time: 1:40


7:15PM “Fully Loaded” — East Coast Premiere
Director: Shira Piven
Producers: Adam McKay, Tom Burruss
Starring: Paula Killen, Lisa Orkin, Dweezil Zappa, David Koechner, John Farley, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Danny Pudi
Synopsis: Fully Loaded is a dark comedy that follows Lisa and Paula, cool single moms out for a night on the town. When Paula’s sexy hookup with a total stranger turns out to be a sketchy confrontation with reality, the women hit the road a little drunk, but very high on love/lust and what could have been.
Run Time: 1:16


8:45PM “The Pill” — Northeast Premiere
Director/Writer/ Producer J. C. Khoury
Starring: Noah Bean, Rachel Boston, Anna Chlumsky, Dreama Walker
Synopsis: Worried that he has gotten the free-spirited Mindy pregnant after an unprotected one-night stand, Fred feigns romantic interest and sticks by her side for twelve hours to make sure she takes both doses of the morning-after pill.
Run Time: 1:23