June 7 2011



(BOSTON MA) Subject:CINEMA, the weekly movie podcast from metro Boston-based PNR Networks, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this Sunday, June 12, by reaching another milestone – 300 shows.

Hosted by the husband and wife team of TC Kirkham and Kim Brown, Subject:CINEMA has grown considerably since it was introduced as part of the couple’s flagship movie commentary blog, Popcorn N Roses. The off the wall film podcast launched with a mere 34 listeners in June 2006; now distributed by Mevio Networks, the podcast reaches an average of 40,000 listeners a month, and has had over half a million listeners over the past five years.

In an internet broadcasting world where podcasts rarely last six months, let alone five years, Kirkham and Brown have gained enough notice from Subject:CINEMA to launch several other popular podcasts, including shows dedicated to “Supernatural” and “Dancing With The Stars”, as well as publish several other weblogs devoted to independent movies, the local Boston movie scene, and extreme sports among other topics, and several more topics are presently in the works for future weblogs as well.

Subject:CINEMA is nearly unique in the film podcast world, looking more to radio than other podcasts for inspiration, as well as its radio-like two-hour format. The primary focus of the show each week is a different film topic, which has featured discussions on hundreds of different subjects, including disaster movies, character actors, politics and film, and how the portrayals of gay and lesbians have changed over the years, among others, since its inception. The show also features reviews of both current and classic films, regular comedy and news segments, extensive independent film coverage, and several annual features that are among their most listened-to shows, including the annual “Fethival Of Film Fethivals” coverage every January and the announcement of the annual PNR Rising Stars list every July 4.

Subject:CINEMA has also featured interviews over the years with a diverse group of people from all walks of the entertainment industry, including actors Noah Segan and Sarah Jones (“Still Green”), screenwriter Georgia Menides (“Still Green”), filmmaker and Boston Phoenix film critic Gerald Peary (“For The Love Of Movies”), author Bruce Scivally (“Superman In Film And Television”), director Jeremy Lamberton (“Biker Fox”) TV host Wolfman Mac Kelly (“Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive In”) and noted PBS producer Rick Sebak (“Breakfast Special”, “Sandwiches That You Will Like”) among others.

Kirkham and Brown have also been very active in the Boston film community. The couple have been presenters at the Boston-based Chlotrudis Awards for the past three years, and are active members of the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, the Brattle Theatre, and the Coolidge Corner Theatre, as well as a number of national film organizations. They have extensively covered the many Boston area film festivals on their podcast as well as on their Boston-centric film blog, Boston Popcorn ( ; this past May, Subject:CINEMA introduced a second annual festivals show, this one dedicated to coverage of Boston’s four major spring film festivals. They have also made it their goal in 2011 to try and visit every theater in the metro Boston area at least once, a project that is being chronicled on Subject:CINEMA as well as the Boston Popcorn website.

Subject:CINEMA #300 – “300 And Going Strong! The 2011 Personal Pantheon Update” will feature the shows biannual countdown of each hosts’ top 30 personal favorite films of all time. TC and Kim define their personal pantheon lists as the films they’d most want to have with them if they were stranded on a desert island. Have their number one films changed in the last two years, as the number of films they’ve viewed has continued to grow? You’ll have to tune in to find out!  The show will be available for download beginning Sunday, June 12th at 6 PM Eastern time from the show’s websites, and !