IFFB Day Three: The Troll Hunter

The Boston Popcorn team is attending a whopping NINE films at the 2011 Independent Film Festival of Boston, and we’ll bring you coverage right here! Don’t forget to check out our parent site Popcorn N Roses’ weekly podcast Subject:CINEMA on May 8 for a complete wrap up of the Boston Festivals scene this spring!

IFF B Day Three: The Troll Hunter

A group of student filmmakers set out to make a documentary about illegal bear poaching, but end up discovering that there’s far worse things out there, and that the truth is bigger than they ever expected. A tip leads them to the mysterious Hans, who they think is the poacher that has been killing the bears of late, but instead they find that Hans is actually protecting the public from trolls that are suddenly running amok. Alarmed at first, Hans slowly comes around and agrees to let the students film him…which may or may not be a major mistake…

Already drawing comparisons to The Blair Witch Project for it’s cinema verte style and similar story, the movie is the latest in a long line of these types of first-person camera types of films, more recently including films such as Paranormal Activity. Although Kim doesn’t agree with my assessment, I think it also has a great deal in common with  Cloverfield. Fantastic film techniques,  unbelievably realistic special effects on a mere $3 million budget  and a core of excellent actors led by Otto Jesperen as Hans and Glenn Erland Tosterud as Thomas, the leader of the student film crew, The Troll Hunter is a film with great humor and more than a few thrills tucked inside it’s mockumentary-style story, including a few  near the film’s climax which come at you from left field and stun you.

The film, of which (surprise!) an American remake is already in the works, hits theaters in June, and Magnolia OnDemand in May – if you can wait for it to come to a theater, you’re going to want to see it on the big screen, but if you don’t live in an area that gets little films like this one, by all means order it on OnDemand – because The Troll Hunter is most definitely worth it. Catch the trailer below!

On the web: http://www.trollhunterfilm.com/

For day four, we’re hitting THREE films – Convento, The Future, and Beneath Contempt. It’s gonna be a busy, and exhausting (but still incredibly fun) Saturday!

If you’re out and about at the IFFB, we’d love to meet you!  So please, if you see a larger couple walking around or waiting in line, and they look like they might be us, ask! Hee Hee! We will be at the Somerville Theatre on both Saturday and Sunday for films that start around noon, then at the Brattle both evenings for two films. Don’t be afraid to say “Hi!”