The Boston Popcorn team is attending a whopping NINE films at the 2011 Independent Film Festival of Boston, and we’ll bring you coverage right here! Don’t forget to check out our parent site Popcorn N Roses’ weekly podcast Subject:CINEMA on May 8 for a complete wrap up of the Boston Festivals scene this spring!


Rajish runs his own PI firm in Kolkata (Calcutta) India. He takes on cases at a breakneck pace, because he feels like the police do next to nothing for the people. He also has a gravely ill wife and a young son to take care of. And he’s obsessed with the Indian television version of So You Think You Can Dance or it’s equivalent. In The Bengali Detective, cameras follow Rajish and his employees as they tackle three cases; one involves marital infidelity; the second involves a major shampoo company looking to stop the flow of counterfeit products; and the third involves Rajish and his team in their first murder investigation, in this case the bizarre and heinous murders of three twenty-something friends.  And in between cases, he and his team prepare for the upcoming auditions for the So You Think You Can Dance clone by donning sequined shirts and working with a dance instructor.

The Bengali Detective provides a behind the scenes look at what life is like in India and the kinds of things that go on, in many ways outlining the differences between the classes that is still so prevalent in India. It is at times hilarious and heartbreaking as Rajish tries to balance work and family; it will keep your attention throughout. And the statistics at the end of the film will shock you.

On the web: http://thebengalidetective.com/

For day three, we head to Cambridge’s Brattle Theatre for The Troll Hunter, a Norwegian horror fantasy that Indie Film Spotlight’s Larry Richman loved the rough cut of when he caught it in Toronto last fall.

If you’re out and about at the IFFB, we’d love to meet you!  So please, if you see a larger couple walking around or waiting in line, and they look like they might be us, ask! Hee Hee! In addition to tonight, we will be at the Somerville Theatre on both Saturday and Sunday for films that start around noon, then at the Brattle both evenings for two films. Don’t be afraid to say “Hi!”