Boston’s MBTA wants to sell T shirts to raise money – here’s MY suggestions for slogans….

I know BP is usually about the Boston film scene, but I’m sorry, after I heard this, I couldn’t’ resist… 

Boston’s MBTA has recently announced that it’s thinking of selling merchandise such as coffee mugs and tee shirts to help offset their debt. Yes, I can certainly see the logic in selling tee shirts to offset over $100 million in debt…makes perfect sense to me….

Anyway, I have a few suggestions for slogans they can put on the shirts – trust me, they’ll fly off the shelves….

“Guaranteed to make you 20 minutes (or more) late for work – Take The T”

“Mom And Dad went to Boston and all I got was this lousy Charlie Card”

“Red Line Moms – check your strollers….Penelope is hungry…”

“Guaranteed Undependable Service Every Day! Take The T”

“Riverside? We don’ need no stinkin’ Riverside!”

“I’m Tellin’ Ya, Lady, Beachmont IS still a Fare Zone!”

“We Absolutely Positively Guarantee To Not Get You There On Time! – Take The T”

“Our Schedule Adjustments are GUARANTEED to make you miss your connection! – Take The T”

 “Charlie needs another sandwich….ride the MBTA!”

 Got a suggestion for a Tee Shirt Slogan the T Could use? Leave it in the comments below, but BEWARE….if the T likes it, they’ll probably steal it and not give you any credit for it…heh heh heh…