CinemaSalem awards January Grant to Young Life North Shore

CinemaSalem has announced that its most recent grant has been awarded to Young Life North Shore.

Young Life North Shore is a faith-based outreach organization which is taking a group of high school kids to Guatemala over February vacation week to build a medical clinic. On this trip, Young Life is partnering with Partners in Development, who themselves recently won a CinemaSalem Grant. Besides serving the poor with this trip, the high school students will have the opportunity to learn important life lessons about the human family, the blessings that Americans enjoy from birth, and the extraordinary power we have to make a difference in other nations.

CinemaSalem Grants are funded by a $.25 donation from each admission ticket sold at the movie theater, and are awarded monthly in amounts up to $1000 to innovative and effective nonprofit organizations. Because the community supports CinemaSalem, we want to make sure that we’re returning the favor.

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