Boston Festival Week: Our Top Picks

Due to circumstances beyond our control (the same reason as last year for those of you who might remember), we are not attending the two film festivals going on here this week. However, we wanted to spotlight the films we're following and that even thought we are unable to attend, we suggest you check them out. And be sure to MAKE IT A POINT to tell the filmmakers and festival organizers that you read about the film on Boston Popcorn, State Of Independence, or Indie Film Spotlight!

Our Top Picks: RATED MS (for Must See)

My Suicide
Archibald Holden Buster Williams’ school project is to kill himself on camera. I have been waiting to see this for over a year now, since it premiered at SXSW 2009, and it positively SUCKS that we're going to miss it! It comes highly recommended from IndieFilmSpotlight's Larry Richman. Film co-stars 2009 PNR #1 Rising Star Michael Welch.

Walter Rhum’s objective is to ride for the world’s greatest skateboard company, Machotaildrop, in this surreal, visually inventive film. On our radar since Toronto, said to be absolutely one of the best films of recent days

Bass Ackwards
In this feature by Linas Phillips, a man fresh from a break-up with a married woman embarks on a road trip in a VW bus. This comes highly recommended to me from a friend who saw it at another festival earlier this year.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird
In this Korean Western, three Outlaws in 1930s Manchuria attempt to recover a map to buried treasure in this frenetic, high-octane action film. This also comes highly recommended to me by a number of friends who saw it.

Also recommended:

Cairo Time
Patricia Clarkson stars in this romantic drama about a brief, unexpected love affair that catches two people completely off-guard. Co-sponsored by the Chlotrudis Society For Independent Film.

Down Terrace
This genre-busting film depicts the members of a crime family as they attempt to restore their business dealings after time spent in jail.

An unassuming guy is shocked out of his dull, everyday work routine when he discovers that his co-workers aren’t exactly from this planet in the latest film by Amber Benson and Adam Busch.

The Extra Man
In this urbane comedy, Paul Dano and Kevin Kline play writers who sideline as escorts for wealthy widowed socialites.

Harmony and Me
Recently dumped, Harmony seeks solace through various encounters in this wry comedy.

I Am Love
The wife of an Italian industrial magnate (Tilda Swinton) embarks on a dangerous affair in this sumptuous film.

The Killer Inside Me
Casey Affleck portrays a Texas deputy sheriff whose dormant violent tendencies resurface. Directed by Michael Winterbottom.

Lovers of Hate
Dark comedy about two alienated brothers whose sibling rivalry extends to their relationship with the same woman.

Putty Hill
After a young man dies from a drug overdose his friends gather to reflect on his life and loss.

Tiny Furniture
The return home of newly graduated Aura causes family upheaval as she navigates her family’s expectations and warily chooses between 2 potential boyfriends. This was a HUGE audience favorite at SXSW this year.

Erasing David
Director David Bond attempts to disappear to find out just how much private companies and government know about him.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
Captivating scars-and-all portrait of the iconic, hardworking Joan Rivers.

The Last Survivor
Survivors struggle to understand the tragedy of genocide by educating others about the mass atrocities that they endured.

Searching for Elliott Smith
Intimate portrait of lo-fi, indie rock sensation Elliott Smith

We hope to be in contact with the filmmakers of the above films in the weeks and months ahead and hopefully will be able to provide you with more extensive coverage of all of these wonderful indie films in the not too distant future!