Ready to head to “Union Street”? It’s the annual Brattle Smackdown contest

How creative are you? Want to take a challenge to make a film trailer? Then now's your chance, because it's that time of year again… time for the annual BRATTLE TRAILER SMACKDOWN contest!

Each year, Cambridge's Brattle Theater sponsors this wonderful (and often hilarious) contest to make a fictional movie trailer. The finalists in the contest are screened and voted on at the Brattle's annual Trailer Treats show, coming up this year on July 16th.

This year, the title of the fictional movie is "Union Street". And the entry deadline for this year's contest is July 2, 2009.

For complete details and rules on the Trailer Smackdown contest, head on over to http://, check out all the info and download the entry form.

We cover the Trailer Treats show every year, and we'll be sure to spotlight the winners as we always do, and we'll be there to vote on the finalists as they are unspooled.