INVISIBLE GIRLFRIEND premieres at IFFB this weekend

Below is the press release for INVISIBLE GIRLFRIEND, making its Boston premiere this weekend at the IFFB.

BP is doing our best to give coverage of films appearing at the IFFB this week despite having been denied press credentials – stay tuned for more updates…

Carnivalesque Films presents the Boston premiere of the documentary film INVISIBLE GIRLFRIEND at the Independent Film Festival of Boston.  INVISIBLE GIRLFRIEND will screen Thursday, April 23 at 7:45 PM and Saturday, April 25 at 12:30PM Somerville Theatre.  Directors Ashley Sabin and David Redmon will be present for their fourth film at the IFFB. Redmon and Sabin met in Boston where their filmmaking careers began in 2002.

Directors David Redmon and Ashley Sabin were filming in the streets of New Orleans when a man named Charles approached them. Charles asked Redmon and Sabin to film home video footage for his family back in Monroe, Louisiana. The filmmakers were hesitant, but they agreed and continued following Charles over the next 6 months while he walked the streets and lived in a tent. Even more baffling was Charles' claim to have an invisible girlfriend. Shortly after a wild Day of the Dead ceremony, Charles disappeared in a state of schizophrenic mania. Two years later David Redmon and Ashley Sabin reunite with Charles in Monroe, Louisiana where he lives with his family – and his invisible girlfriend.

In Monroe, Charles reveals that he thinks his invisible girlfriend, Joan of Arc, works in a New Orleans bar – 400 miles away from his home in Monroe, Louisiana. The only problem is that legally, he can't drive a car. So he decides to ride his big red bicycle through rural Louisiana to meet her in a New Orleans bar.

On the way to New Orleans, he meets a witch, a Tin Man, a farmer who attempts to deliver a cow, and a man who honors the dead.  Utilizing themes of decay and dilapidation, INVISIBLE GIRLFRIEND is a poetic and subtextual journey into the heart of faith. It is also a story of actively pursuing one's dreams.


Ron Tibbett Award for Excellence in Film-Magnolia Film Festival

Best Humanities Themed Documentary-Cinema on the Bayou