IFFB Month launches next Monday!

It's that time again, folks…and wow, are film fans going to be gorging themselves this year…

Beginning this coming Monday, Boston Popcorn will begin gearing up for full coverage of the 2009 Independent Film Festival of Boston, running April 22-28 2009!  Lots of great movies coming to this years' fest as well. Starting Monday, we'll be bringing you some spotlights on the festival and what to watch for.

Plus, the entire PNR Networks family of sites will be offering up PLENTY Of coverage as well – you'll be able to find features, reviews, scheduling and more not only here on BP but also on Popcorn N Roses and Indie Film Spotlight and of course, we'll have a complete wrap up of the festival later this month on our Subject:CINEMA podcast. And several films showing at the fest with a musical theme (we know of three already, all documentaries) will also receive full coverage on our music site, RadioTC.com.

In addition to that, we'll be spotlighting and reviewing some of the films, and hopefully will have some interviews as well, coming up in mid-June on Subject:CINEMA's annual "State Of Independence" show, which as last year will be a two-part "Double Play Weekend" special. And this year's coverage will also serve as the launching point for IndieFilmSpotlight's BRAND NEW weekly podcast spotlighting independent films past, present, and future!

Ok, now as if that wasn't enough…

BP and the PNR Network sites are ALSO hoping to provide coverage of this years' Boston International Film Festival, happening April 17-26 2009. This festival, previously held during June, was bumped up this year, a fact which is causing quite a bit of controversy in the Boston film community, and consternation among some filmmakers who thought they were submitting to one festival only to find they were submitting to the other festival….all the info on this "Battle of the Boston Festivals" can be found in this article from the Boston Globe!

And you know what? There's EVEN MORE!!

IndieFilmSpotlight senior correspondent Larry Richman will be providing daily coverage of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York during the same time frame, April 22-May 3. with tons of great reviews and features, and if I know Larry, hundreds of photos as well!

It's gonna be a BUSY April, People!  Stay tuned to Boston Popcorn for all the latest film developements!