Get ATTACKED again this summer – National Amusements bringing their B movie screenings back for another season

National Amusements – that’s Showcase Cinemas to most of you – is bringing their wonderfully fun and hilarious "Attack Of The B Movies" series back for another season starting this Thursday.

"Attack" started in five Boston-area theaters last August and proved successful enough that the second series, which ran in October 2007, expanded to 20 theaters in eight states.

In addition to re-screening a number of the classic B flicks from the last two series, there will be a number of films that have not been screened yet, and it is sure to make a fun evening for all.

You get two classic B films for the low price of $5 per person. The series will run every Thursday at 7 PM in most locations through October 20, with a Halloween night spectacular – 4 movies – on Friday, October 31st.

Theaters in the Boston area that are a part of the screening series:

Showcase Cinemas Lowell

Showcase Cinemas Revere

Showcase Cinemas Randolph

Showcase Cinemas West Springfield

Blackstone Valley Cinema De Lux

Showcase Cinemas Warwick (RI)

The Complete Schedule (titles in BOLD are new to the series this time around):

8/7 – The Giant Gila Monster / The Killer Shrews
8/14 – Gorgo / Teenagers from Outer Space
8/21 – The Brain That Wouldn’t Die / First Spaceship on Venus
8/28 – Devil Girl from Mars / Robot Monster
9/4 – Giant from the Unknown / She Demons
9/11 – The Wasp Woman / Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
9/18 – Monster from a Prehistoric Planet / Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet
9/25 – The Last Man on Earth / Bride of the Beast
10/2 – A Bucket of Blood / Attack of the Giant Leeches
10/9 – House on Haunted Hill / Amazing Transparent Man                        
10/16 – Last Woman on Earth / Bloodlust
10/23 – Screaming Skull / Tormented
10/30 – Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory / The Bat
10/31 – Nightmare Castle, Dementia 13, House by the Cemetery,
and Night of the Living Dead

For more complete information on the series, check out the new site at, or check out

We usually attend the shows at Showcase Cinema Revere, but will be skipping some this year as we saw them last year – however, if you’re there, look for someone wearing a "Subject:CINEMA" tee shirt and come say "Hi!"