Coolidge Corner gets ready to rock with ROCK BAND

Brookline’s Coolidge Corner Theater is about to take the video game ROCK BAND to the next level. At the theater’s weekly Midnite show on August 1, they will present the mega-popular video game as a Big Screen experience.

According to the theater’s website, all four screens at the venue will be in use for the event. The two smaller screens – MiniMax and Video Screening Room –  will be used as practice rooms, where new players can experience playing the game for the first time, and learning to make it work with help from experienced players. The two larger screens – Moviehouses I and II – will feature full play and competition for intermediate and expert players.

And of course, people are welcome to come and simply watch the play, because seeing the game played this way is going to be virtual heaven for fans of the game.

Prizes will be given for virtuosity and showmanship, and if you sign up your complete band (four players) in advance for the competition, you can get 50% off the entry fee. To reserve a space for the special offer, email with the name of your band and its members. You will receive confirmation of entry.

For full info on the show, visit and click on "Midnites" or on the "Rock Band" box on the front page.

And if anyone is in attendance at the event and would care to send in a report to us, we’d love to print it! Email us at ""!