Sorry for the extended layoff…

I want to apologize to our former BostonNOW Readers who have been expecting more since the changeover happened a few days after BostonNOW went belly up…

We had planned to have extensive coverage of the Independent Film Festival of Boston while it was happening. Unfortunately, the week of the coverage, we only actually made it to TWO events – the premiere of We Are Wizards and the Saturday concert by Harry And The Potters and other WizardRock acts.

I HAVE reviewed two other IFFB movies on our podcast, Subject:CINEMA, but have never finished print reviews of CRAWFORD and THE GREENING OF SOUTHIE, something I need to do soon, as well as review the other movies filmmakers sent me screeners for that appeared at the IFFB. I promise to get caught up this month.

You see, the IFFB coincided with a touch and go period for my wife and S:C co-host Kim Brown. She began having health problems in mid-March, starring with what we thought was the stomach flu. She then developed a persistant cough and was diagnosed with bronchitis. She started having periods where she would wake up every morning, run to the bathroom, vomit, and then be fine.

Only in June it didn’t stop – she had been to the clinic several times when it was decided that for some reason, she was getting dehydrated all the time. It led to her spending 9 days in the hospital in early June. She was out and back to normal for two weeks then the problem recurred, and she spent another three days in the hospital.

The problem has now been traced to a reaction to a prescription medicine, and that medicine has been cut from her regimen, so now we hope things will begin to settle down to normal.  But needless to say, you can understand why my priorities have been elsewhere over the past several weeks and months.

In any case, now that she’s on the mend, we’ll be getting back to speed. We plan to get a TON of reviews up in the near future, keep you up to date on Boston film happenings, and revive our Popcorn N Roses/Boston Popcorn CinemaTour, where we review not the movies, but the VENUE. The goal was originally to get to all T-accessible theaters by last Labor Day, but we didn’t make it, so it’s now our goal to do all the cinemas in the metro Boston area over time, and offer up our opinions of the venue and how the experience was. We’ll be resuming this tour in the not too distant future, and we have TONS of places we have yet to go. You can look for us to visit and review Circle Cinemas, West Newton Cinema, Embassy Cinema, and many others over the next few weeks.

We’re also going to be beginning a  few regular columns and have a few regular columnists as well (I hope…) about Boston and the filmgoing community.

Also, look for links to reviews that you’ll be able to either 1) visit one of our other sites to read, or 2)be able to download from our forthcoming Popcorn Plus site.

Thanks for your patience and understanding…now let’s get back on track and celebrate filmgoing in Beantown!