IFFBoston 08 – Day Four – The Weekend Is Here!

Star power will be in force at Day 4 of the IFFB!

Mary Steenburgen is attending the premiere of CRAWFORD, where she is one of the executive producers,  and Famke Jannsen will be at the premiere of her latest film, TURN THE RIVER.

Also on tap for Saturday:

A full-blown WizardRock concert headlined by Harry And The Potters, and featuring Draco And the Malfoys, The Whompping Willow and The Hungarian Horntails. All will be in attendance at the second screening of WE ARE WIZARDS just prior to the concert.

Among the other big tickets today –

THE CAKE EATERS – following the lives of two troubled families in a small town and how their lives are intertwined. The movie marks the directorial debut of actress Mary Stuart Masterson.

PING PONG PLAYA – A wannabe basketball star has to take over his brother’s ping pong career when the latter is injured.

GOLIATH – a favorite of earlier festivals this year, following the life of a man searching for his missing cat as the rest of his life crumbles around him…and yes, it IS a comedy…

SONG SUNG BLUE – a documentary following husband and wife karaoke singers who are facing a personal tragedy

AMERICAN TEEN – a favorite from Sundance this year, this doc follows four Wabash Indiana 17 year olds through their senior year in high school as each prepares to move into life as an adult

Plus a ton more features!

For complete showtimes, venues, and tickets, check out http://iffboston.org