IFFB 08 – Day Three

The Independent Film Festival of Boston is well underway, and as we swing into day three, all kinds of great movies are making their premieres.

Among the films debuting today:

SAVAGE GRACE – a film dramatizing the real-life tragic relationship between Barbara Baekeland and her son Tony, heir to the Bakelite Plastic fortune, starring Julianne Moore

THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS – Ellen Page (Juno) stars in this unusual portrait of a teenager’s slow descent into madness. Co-sponsored by the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film.

JETSAM – already a festival circuit favorite, this UK import follows what happens when a young woman washes up on a desolate, icy beach along with a man who intends to harm her.

FLASHPOINT – already out on DVD as of this past Tuesday, Boston native Donnie Yen (Hero) stars in this taut crime thriller.

Over a dozen other films will also be playing at the various venues.

For a complete schedule, including times, locations, and possible guests, check out the  festivals’ website at http://iffboston.org