New England Film And Video Festival – Saturday

Day three of the New England Film and Video Festival expanded our horizons a bit, so to speak.

We first attended a panel on New England Film Festivals on Saturday, hearing from representitives from a number of festivals, including the Roxbury Film Festival, the New Hampshire Film Festival, the Boston Underground Film Festival, the Chlotrudis Short Film Festival, and the Woods Hole Film Festival. Each representative outlined how each festival worked, and the kind of films they usually selected for their festival. They also commented on the internet’s influence on each festival and their feelings about featuring films that have already been seen on the internet, a topic Kim and I are going to discuss on our Subject:CINEMA NEFVF recap show later this weekend.

We decided not to stay for the second part of the panel, as there didn’t seem to be much of a chance to network with the various representitives, and because we needed to do a couple of things before the next screening we planned to attend…

We then attended the premiere screening of Cut Off, a new action comedy with an all-star supporting cast that included Faye Dunaway, Anne Archer, Malcolm McDowell, Clint Howard, and leads Amanda Brooks and Thomas Ian Nicholas. A full review will be posted on Monday.

We had a little trouble getting in to see Cut Off, as we thought we were on the press list for this showing, and we were not; fortunately, another young filmmaker, Michael Geoghegan, got us in, having seen us there the previous evening. After the film, we had a discussion with Mike about his film and he promised to send us a copy of his short film Afterfall, which is screening Monday, so we won’t have a chance to see it. It sounds very intriguing, and once we see it, we’ll post our review of it here.

More coverage on Sunday, and don’t forget to check out our special edition of Subject:CINEMA this weekend featuring a complete overview of the New England Film and Video Festival.